Lisa and I were very fortunate to get an invite to the ranch of one Kenny Roberts Sr. to watch several champion roadracers hone their skills on the infamous Roberts dirt track. While at the Ranch we were able to tour the Iconic man of American Roadracing’s personal motorcycle collection. Comprised of nearly a dozen Kenny Robert’s Proton MotoGP machines, Dirt trackers and KR Jr’s World Championship 500cc 2 stroke encapsulated forever… amongst all of the bikes in the collection, King Kenny easily has the “Am I Dreaming” garage filled and stacked high of race leathers, helmets, trophies, and other racing memorabilia that line the walls and cover the tables. 
​The surreal feeling of being there, the pinch me moment of a lifetime, bikes that have been ridden by the Greatest Roadracer Kenny Robert’s himself among other  Roadracers, the KR Proton “KR3”  which raced in the 2001 500GP Championship it featured a two-stroke V3 motor. Also the four-stroke machine, Kenny Robert’s Proton “KRV5XM2”, which was ridden by his youngest son, Kurtis Roberts in the 2004 MotoGP Championship, and features a proprietary five-cylinder motor. The new four-stroke Proton Kenny Robert’s uses a 60-degree vee configuration with three cylinders forward, two behind. However, there are significant differences from its Japanese rivals in basic architecture with the Proton engine adopting a narrower vee angle for better performance and space efficiency.