2013: Manx GP : Supertwins 2nd (Micko Sweeney) AFM: Formula IV 2nd,650 Twins 2nd,Open Twins 2nd,750 Superbike 3rd CCS Midwest Lightweight supersport 3rd,Lightweight Superbike 2nd,Thunderbike Champion, CCS:S.E.Region: Lightweight Grand Prix 3rd, GT Lights 2nd, Superbike Ultra 3rd CCS: Florida Region Lightweight  Grand Prix 3rd, GT Lights 2nd, Superbike LWT 3rd, Superbike Ultra 3rd, CCS: Atlantic Lightweight Grand Prix 2nd Rookies Cup GT Lights 3rd, Lightweight Superbike3rd,Lightweight Supersport 2nd, Superbike Ultra 2nd,CCS: Mid Atlantic Lightweight Grand Prix 2nd GT Lights 2nd,Lightweight SB 2nd,Superbike Ultra 2nd,Lightweight Supersport Champion LRRS:Lightweight Grand Prix Champion,Lightweight Superbike Champion,Lightweight Supersport Champion,Thunderbike Champion.

2012 : Irish, Ulster and Southern Ireland StockTwin 650 Champion - 15 wins, 4 Lap Records,Southern Centre Supertwin 650Champion, Adelaide 

Masters 650 Supertwin Championship-2nd, Irish Supertwin 650 Championship-3rd,Southern Centre Junior Support Road Race Championship 3rd

CMRA: D Superbike Champion,Lightweight Twins Champion,Formula 2 Endurance Champion,Lightweight Twins, WERA Nationals 2nd Endurance 

Championship 3rd, CCS:Midwest Lightweight Supersport Champion,Lightweight Supersport (Blackhawk Championship) WERA:West Lightweight 

Superstock Champion,Lightweight Superbike Champion WERA: S.E.Region Lightweight Superbike Champion (EX) Lightweight Superbike Champion 

(Nv) WERA: North Florida Region Formula 2 Champion WERA: Southeast Region Lightweight Twins Superbike Champion WERA:Michelin/WERA National 

Challenge Series Lightweight Superbike Champion.
* Championships won in New Zealand * LRRS - Loudon Road Race Series WSMC - Willow Springs Motorcycle Club AFM - American Federation of Motorcycles WERA - Western Eastern Racing Association WMRRA - Washington Motorcycle Road Race Association CCS/ASRA - Championship Cup Series / American SportBike Racing Association

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