Temperature Settings – 175°F /79°C
Exterior Fabric – Cordura
Insulation – Felted Nomex
Heating Element – Serpentine
Color – Red

 KTM390/Ninja250/300  140/150 Rear Tires

From the time we leave the pits to our first lap, these tire warmers heat the tires so consistently to give me the confidence dive into the first turn. 

"Austin Guinn" AFM #9 and Multi class Champion

Benefits of Tire Warmers

Most racers and track day riders want tire warmers to avoid cold tire crashes and to go fast right from the green flag.

It is true that these are two clear advantages of using Tire Warmers, but there are other benefits that are equally important. A Tire Warmer provides the ability to tune and manage tires in the paddock beyond the grip offered on the opening laps:

* Go Fast from the Green Flag
* Set Hot Tire Pressures in the Pits
* Avoid “cold tearing” tires
* Save “Heat Cycles” by keeping tire warm in between sessions
* Tires last longer

​​Set Hot Pressures

Tires will increase in pressure about 20% on the track (ie: 30 to 36 psi) which makes a huge handling difference. CHR Tire Warmers will get your tires surface AND carcass into the proper temperature range (same as you’ll see on the track). Without Tire Warmers 6-8 laps would be needed to get a tire to its proper “hot pressure”.

Many of the current race compound tires are “low pressure” tires with psi recommendation of around 22-24 psi. These tires are more sensitive to being at hot pressure before they work properly.

Set the Tire Warmers to the temperature you anticipate seeing on the track, allow them to “heat-soak” for an hour and set the Hot Pressure. When you hit the track, there will be minimal change. Getting your Hot Tire Pressure set on the Tire Warmers gets you going right away.

 All warmers are sold in sets $425.00 Per set

 Chicken Hawk Tire Warmers

 Moto3/125GP 110/120 Rear tires


* Fast and effective heat up, even on cold days-      Temperature set at 175 F
* Melt-Proof inner liner (with heat sensitive dye to show  mis-use or mal-function)
* Operating Light- RED shows when heating and GREEN  when full temp is reached
* Dupont Nomex/Kevlar Insulation to keep the heat in and  set Hot Pressures- Heat the entire carcass deep down
* Built Tough – Codura Exterior & high impact temperature  controllers, full coverage Heating Elements
* QUALITY & PRICE – designed & built in the USA, these  warmers are 2nd to none and is one of the most  economically priced!