Mr. Spears,

Thanks for the quick delivery for my brake line.  I got it hooked up and bled today.  Everything works perfectly and it solved all my right bar cluster/mess issues.  I did a side by side comparison of the Spiegler lines vs yours.  Your lines are just about 3 inches longer than the others.  That's more than enough room to allow my front end to work without running the risk of binding or tearing apart the brake lines.

I appreciate your quality and professionalism.  Thanks again.

​(2015 Ninja 300 Oct.28th,2016)

"Got the fuel cap in today Gregg.  The fit and finish resemble that of products that are twice as expensive.  I am very happy that my struggle with other people's poorly designed fuel caps is finally over!  You sir, are a rock star.  And don't think I didn't notice that the extra effort put into the dummy holes that were all drilled and tapped.  Thank you for taking the time to help me out with this, I know how busy you are and the effort is much appreciated.
You have been monumental to the success of my race program and without your products and expertise I doubt I would have had a bike this legitimate to ride this year.  You are always my first call when I need something and you always come through with a solution.

Brett  MRA #144


Hi Gregg,
​ Just thought I would touch base. I purchased your 2mm overbore piston kit for my 03 SV650 last year, along with other parts,resulting in consistent placing as the 2nd or third fastest SV650 in Western Australia. The first guy was simply a better, more experienced rider- you can'tbuy that! I wanted to say how happy I was with your product. With little more that your (fantastic) engine internals and a GSXR shock I was within 1 second of the fastest SV. His bike was fully set up with pensky shock,ohlins fork internals, slipper clutch, race pattern gearbox about 3 sets of wheels with various slicks and wets etc etc etc.I had some race glass, one set of DOT race tyres that I used to make do for about 2 race meets and practices and your engine internals.80hp on the dyno with only a power commander and air filter. Doesn't sound like much, but with his superior corner speed going up the steep hill out of turn 6 onto the main straight I was able to claw back onto his wheel. High praise for your engine components!
​Matt R

Hey Gregg, 
Just wanted to say Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, for all the time you spent with me helping me make the right decisions about what I needed and not trying to talk me into just spending a lot of money. My '99 SV650 made 75 HP on the dyno last week, just like you said it would, and this past weekend we went to Jennings GP for a track day and had the pits full all day with people asking what I had done to the bike. It runs STRONG! Again Thank You, you have my business forever! Sincerely,
​Ben K
​Service Manager

Hello Gregg, 
Thanks again for all your help with my SV650.The full M4 exhaust system is amazing and exceeded my expectations on everyaspect of quality, craftsmanship, performance, and most definitely sound. The jet kit you supplied with the system, along with personal recommendation on proper jetting/tuning was also above and beyond. All recommended carb settings are in the "ballpark", even on the first try. The new sound of my SVis perfect - not too loud, not too quiet; and I have received an abundance ofcompliments and questions. Customer service at Spears Enterprises is by far the best around, and I certainly can't wait to do business again in the near future.

P.S. I will be sending you pictures of my SV soon, i'll keep you posted.
​ Thanks again! Bill

Hi Gregg, 
I am so sorry I didn’t get this letter off to you sooner.  It was really great speaking with you on the phone last year and a couple of weeks ago.  About our phone call last year.  I purchased some parts from you and took yoursound advise to heart.  You helped me get my SV650 from 61 hp to 76 hp.  In 2014 are started racing amateur with CCS in 3 classes, LW40, Ultra Light Superbike and Thunder bike.  Never expected these results but here they are.  
​Light weight 40: Atlantic Champ & Mid-Atlantic Champ,Ultra Light Superbike: Atlantic Champ & Mid-Atlantic Champ,Thunder bike: 3rd Atlantic & 3rd Mid-Atlantic,Summit Point Track Champ in Light weight 40 & Ultra Light Super bike,NJMP (Thunderbolt) Track Champ in Light weight 40.Would not have had this kind of success and fun racing with out your help.  Thank You. Think I will be talking to you soon again about flat side carbs for the SV since I will be racing experts next year.  Again I would like to say
​Thank You.
John M