Rear Brake Fluid Reservoir Delete Kit: This lightweight alternative product will provides the same function and safety as the stock unit, without the extra bulk. Spears Racing developed this kit by using Tygon tubing, which will resists cracking, sweating, or corrosion, even when housing harsh brake fluids and a patented one way valve to allow your brake system not to be sensitive to altitude or outside heat . Most race teams and track bikes run a setup exactly like this to provide a function and low profile reservoir that doesn't add unnecessary weight to their setup.

 SP-Rear Brake Reservoir Delete Kit                                                                                                              $14.99/ea

Spears Racing Titanium Kits: This is a kit of the above 4 items (22 Pieces), this is a must for any racer or those who simply wish to replace rusty originals! A replica of manufacturers original design but in superior quality material. Our Titanium 6AL-4V (grade 5) bolts are highly corrosion resistant, extremely light (40% weight saving!) and with rolled threads offers excellent strength and quality.

            SPTitanium Kit 250                                                                                               Was  $189.99                Now $152.00/Kit        


Kawasaki Ninja250:SKF’s extensive experience in the design and material development of seals for suspension systems, SKF has developed a new self-lubricating compound. The design and performance characteristics of the seals made from this compound enable them to keep oil in and contaminants out of the fork, while virtually eliminating stiction and improving performance by reducing friction.                                                 Note: Each SKF seal kit includes 1 oil seal + 1 dust seal. To rebuild both forks you need to order 2 seal kits.                                                                                                                                                                                                  

             SKF37mm                                                                                                                                                        ​​     $36.99/ea

Spears Racing Titanium Sprocket Stud Kits: M10x1.25x45m This is a kit of 6 sprocket carrier studs, this is a must for any racer or those who simply wish to replace rusty originals! A replica of manufacturers original design but in superior quality material. Our Titanium 6AL-4V (grade 5) bolts are highly corrosion resistant, extremely light (40% weight saving!) and with rolled threads offers excellent strength and quality.

           SPTitanium Kit 250                                                                                                                                               $59.99/Kit        


 Öhlins​ NIX 22 Cartridge Kit: is based on experienced learned through decades of testing and racing in high tier championships. The kit delivers loads of performance with stable damping characteristics while ensuring great comfort, contributing to the riders confidence. The NIX 22 is developed to increase performance for light weight sport bikes and street bikes.
The Kit has the Öhlins proven “NIX” design which features compression damping in the left leg and rebound damping in the right leg. This allows for a more precise function and stability. Adjustments are made at the top together with the spring preload and the cartridge system fits bolt-on and is easy to install in standard front forks. *External Compression & rebound adjustment* External preload adjustment
*22 mm piston diameter* Range of springs available.

        Öhlins NIX FKS202                                                                                                                                                  $799.00                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   


Andreani Hydraulic Cartridge Kit: Cartridge fork kit has been developed by Andreani Group, and equipped with a sophisticated hydraulic system which guarantees exceptional performance in cornering and braking. These 20mm diameter pistons with oil passages increase adjustability in compression and rebound damping. Spring preload is adjustable by turning the pre-load cap. The cartridge kit comes complete with the correct springs that are established prior to purchase based on the weight, and the rider’s style/type of track. Andreani Cartridges are Diamond Carbon Coated (DLC) which is the ultimate performance coating.

               SP30-250K                                                                                                                                                    $649.00/Kit                                                                                                                                         ​​

Intiminator: This is for the Kawasaki EX250, the first patented inertia-activated front fork shock absorber. Designed to fit motorcycles and the only product on the market that detects if the wheel is trying to move or if the chassis is trying to move. Resulting in a more stable chassis and a faster wheel response over bumps. This product will transform the front end of your motorcycle to give you the confidence and the ability to go faster. This is a "Race Only Design" sold only By Spears Enterprises/Spears Racing (Fits 08/14)

               SP29-250K                                                                                                                                                    $275.00/Kit                                                                                                                                         ​​

Superbike Brake Lines: This kit has a Dash 3 inner. Features 16 braided lines of steel around the inner teflon, and all lines are coated with PVC protective coating. Also prevents scratches on the bike and keeps fluid from being affected by humidity. Threads directly into calipers without use of banjo bolts, allowing for smoother and more effective flow of brake fluid. Provides stronger lever feel and quicker stopping power because it creates better pressure to the caliper. *Recommended for race use only.*

               SP28-250                                                                                                                                                   $65.00/ea.                                                                                                                                          ​​

Clutch Cable: This is a Clutch cable developed by Spears Racing for a "stock street bike" or a track day/race bike, this cable will work with the stock handle bars or "Clip Ons" This is a better built cable that will last longer and have a better pull. (08/13)

               SP23-250                                                                                                                                                         $25.00/ea.

Rev2 Throttle: New ultra compact housing with snap-together elbows make it easy to install and change reels. Sleek new design requires less handlebar space for lever clearance. Throttle positions use smaller reels for slower throttle rate and larger reels for faster throttle rate. Included, the cam reel provides progressive throttle response preferred by some riders. Unique reel design allows fast reel changes. Cable boot keeps dirt, and dust out for reliable and smooth operation. Billet aluminum in-line cable adjusters for easy installation, and adjustment.

               SP19-250                                                                                                                                                        $164.99/Kit

High Lift Roadracing Cams Hard Weld: Spears Racing camshafts are developed through countless hours in the dyno room, racetrack, and CNC cam grinding machine. Spears racing camshafts are welded up and reground with the reliability and precision you come to expect. Spears Racing camshafts give the racer improved midrange and top end horsepower, without sacrificing low end rideability.

​                                                                     ***Customer Cores Needed***

               SP18-KHW                                                                                                                                                       $525.00/Set

2008-2012 NINJA 250R: This is a 2mm over piston kit. Machined from 2618 T6 high tensile forged aluminum dome features smooth flowing radius, and require no deburring or preparation. JE designs are specifically engineered for extreme applications including professional competition rings, pins and wire locks which are included in the kit. Comp Ratio 13.5:1.

               SP12-250                                                                                                                                                        $325.00/Set

Emission Block off plates: Spears Racing Smog Block off Plates for Kawasaki 300  model. Spears Racing Smog Block Off Plates are designed to seal off the ports on the valve cover used by the air injection system (a.k.a smog pumps or AIS). The air induction system (AIS) burns unburned exhaust gases by injecting fresh air (secondary air) into the exhaust port, reducing the emission of hydrocarbons. Once these are capped off the air injection system can be safely removed.

                SP06-250                                                                                                                                                       $22.00/ea.

Dyno Jet Carburetor Kit: Each Dynojet/Spears Jet Kit includes comprehensive instructions which show step-by-step installation, and testing procedures to ensure a perfect setup every time. This kit has been tested and is used by several street and racers within the USA. This is backed by free telephone support to Spears customers.

                SP05-250                                                                                                                                                     $85.00/ea.

Spears Racing's 415 drive chain conversion kit is for the Kawasaki EX250 Ninja. This kit will reduce your unsprung weight/rotational mass by over three pounds. Spears Racing 415 Drive chain kit is used by several WSS300 teams as well as hundreds of race teams around the world. Since the inception of this amazing product Spears Racing riders have been able to set several track records along with winning several class championships and National #1 plates.

415 Drive chain : This is a replacement drive chain, the EK415R chain has a tensile strength of 4,610. (2lb.01oz) Each is high-performance, lightweight, low-friction chain designed exclusively for racing provides the highest wear resistance, tensile strength, and impact resistance distinctive gold-plated finish. SP04-250 EK415R                                        $95.99 ea

The steel counter shaft sprocket is a replacement sprocket for the Kawasaki ninja 250cc. It is drilled to be the lightest steel sprocket on the market (sprocket weights 4.6oz./130 Gms. 18 Tooth) SP04-250CS                                   $49.95 

415 Rear Sprocket is made from the highest grade aerospace quality 7075-T651 aluminum and weighs (9.64 oz./274g depending on tooth count) it is machined not stamped. This way you need not to worry about it being "True to the alignment," of your chain and front sprocket (no wobble).                           *** Lightest Rear 415 Sprocket on the Market Made in the USA ***

When making your choice for the Kawasaki EX250 you can go with the 18t/57t (3.16) this will be the closest to the OEM gear ratio of 3.21 (14/45). 


                            50t                                51t                                   52t                                  53t                                     54t                                           55t        

                                  56t                                    57t                                          58t                                     59t                                  60t

                                          All Spears Rear Sprockets are $70.00/ea

Adjustable Cam Gears: This is a must for all tuners it is a known fact that "Free" horsepower can be found just by slightly adjusting the timing position (degreeing) of your camshafts. This adjustment allows you to advance or retard cam timing for your specific application in order to get the most from the power characteristics.

                SP03-250                                                                                                                                                   $95.00/Set

MWR Full Race air filter: The filter is developed on the track, NOT on a dyno but in real life. Unlike, any other air filters all inlets will get the same quantity of air, regardless the speed of the motorcycle, wind directions, or the turbulence of the fairing . No different fuel-mappings between internal and external, or front and rear cylinders are needed. This will be achieved by tuning each cylinder separate.

               SP02-250                                                                                                                                                       $83.99/ea

2008-2012 NINJA 250R: This is a Drop in High Compression piston kit, machined from 2618 T6 high tensile forged aluminum dome. Which features smooth flowing radius and requires no deburring or preparation. JE designs are specifically engineered for extreme applications including professional competition rings, pins, and wire locks that are included in the kit. Comp Ratio 13.0:1.

                SP01-250                                                                                                                                                   $325.00/Set

​                                                                           Decription


SP-Lever Guards: Lever Guards are designed to keep other riders from accidentally making contact with your brake or clutch lever during close racing.Front brake and clutch lever guards machined from 6061 T6 Aluminum fits any 7/8"(22mm) handlebar and clip-on with 13mm,.0625 and 18mm inner hole. The aluminum guards are bolted to a CNC-machined aluminum base that is adjustable for length to accommodate a range of brake and clutch levers.   Easy to install,quantity 2 pieces (brake and clutch side). Color black.                                                                                                                                                                                               

             SP-Lever guards                                                                                                                                                     $109.00/ea

Spears Racing Titanium 10mm x 1.25  Sprocket Nuts: A must for any racer or those who simply wish to replace rusty originals! A replica of manufacturers original design but in superior quality material. Our Titanium 6AL-4V (grade 5) nuts are highly corrosion resistant, extremely light (40% weight saving!) and with rolled threads offers excellent strength and quality.(Sold Each) 

          SPtitanium -Nuts                                                                                                                                                    $5.00/Ea.      


Spears Racing Titanium Caliper Bolts: Our 'Race Spec' bolts are machined pre-drilled (1.6mm) on all flats to allow for ease of lock wiring - by reducing the socket size, scooping out the head and pre drilling our bolts. They are 45% lighter than steel equivalents produced in grade 5, 6AL-4V Titanium providing strength and corrosion resistance.  (Set of (2) Two)  

          SP250-Caliper Bolts                                                                                                                                              $30.00/Set       




The HM Plus: Each HM Product is designed to be simple to install, so there is no need for costly fitment or dyno setup time.

HM PLUS Features at a glance:

Plug and Play, No moving parts, Small LCD Display, No tuning needed.

Programmable Kill Time and Sensitivity

Programmable Shift Direction

Full one years warranty and HM technical support.

      SP37-250K                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  $489.99/ea​


Gauge/Tach Kit: 08/12 Kawasaki EX250, The RX-2N has been developed with the best components and latest technology on the market. The illuminated needle with LED pointer make’s the RX-2N an easy gauge to read even at night. This instrument features many different functions such as speed, odometer, trip meter, RPM, shift light, temperature, indicator lights and many other cool functions.                                                                                             *** Special Wiring harness available***

                 SP36-250                                                                                                                                                      $300.00/Kit                                                                                                                                       ​​

EBC Full Floating Front Rotor: The steel used in the EBC rotor blades is a special stainless blend with higher friction effect than normal heat treated stainless steel found on stock discs. This will boasts up to 10% improvement in friction effect improving brakes even further. Weight of the  XC series is reduced by 5-10% by using a six only button drive system on a lightweight alloy center hub, which once again grabs the lead over stock parts

               SP27-250Race                                                                                                                                                   $195.00/ea

Spears Racing Lightened Rear Brake Rotor: This rear rotor is made to Spears Racing specs and is the lightest rear rotor on the market 
358.6 Grams/12.65 OZ. Made from stainless steel, laser cut heat treated and tempered. Used in FIM WSS300

​                                         **lightest Rear Rotor with full swept area not machined** 

            SP300-Superbike Rear Rotor                                                                                                                       $170.00/ea

EBC Extreme Performance Brake Pads: This is a complete set of EBC brake pads, which are directly bolt on to your stock calipers. These pads will work superior to any stock brake pads. The latest in sintered metal brake pad fusion technology. Has the highest friction rating possible - 0.6 - for strong, fade-free stopping power. Pad blend includes, molybdenum metal, and tungsten additives to enhance friction performance for the life of the pad. No lead, iron, or steel additives, no more rotor outline etching or rotor stiction. Super-fast, bed-in, full friction after 10 to 15 race stop uses. Great heat cycle ability, pads cool after the race, and perform just as strong the next race.

               SP27-250                                                                                                                                                         $65.27/ea

Manual Cam Chain Tensioners : manual cam chain tensioners are designed to replace the automatic and hydraulic tensioners on high performance engines. The automatic adjusters can back out when the throttle is closed suddenly at high rpm. This allows the cams to go momentarily out of time, and can result in bent valves and/or serious engine damage. Hydraulic tensioners have a tendency to put too much tension on the chain guide under high rpm/high oil pressure conditions, resulting in premature wear.

               SP25-250                                                                                                                                                          $69.95/ea.

Ceramic Bearing Transmission Kit: This is a set of two ceramic transmission bearings for the EX250/300. It will allow your engine to have approximately three times less the normal coefficient of friction, and are 60% lighter than the steel OEM bearings. This style of bearing has been used in AMA factory bikes for the past several years.

               SP09-250                                                                                                                                                        $180.00/Set

Spears Racing EX250 oil pump relief spring: 1.5kg /3.3lbs. of oil pressure at 4000rpm with the OEM Relief spring.The new Spears Racing spring we got 3.8kgs/8.37lbs. of oil pressure at 4000 rpm.This Custom spring has been reset to produce greater pressure. The spring does not require specific shim just reuse the OEM washer with the clip as per manufacturer procedure. Spring is made of Carbon & Exotic steel that give a yellowish color.


     SP-Oil Relief Spring                                                                                                                                                  $39.99/ea

Yoyodyne Slipper Clutch “33” : Manufactured from high quality hard anodized aluminum, Yoyodyne Slipper Clutches supplied by Spears Racing. Feature a six-ramp automatic ball bearing lift mechanism. Plug n' play installation -no subsequent adjustment is required.  Complete assembly includes basket and it takes two extra plates to Handle more power. Uses standard clutch plates and  Springs. Some protection against excessive over reving if the rider accidentally changes down too many gears going into a corner.

​​              SP20-250 Slipper                                                                                                                                                $725.00 ea                       


Spears Racing Billet Fuel Cap:Quick Release Fuel Gas Caps are for the (2008/2013) EX250cc Ninja'sThese caps are machines to the tolerances set by Spears Racing and made from 6061 Aluminum,each with there own sealing "O" ring and mounting hardware. Available in Black(Finished with Anodize Coating) and has the Spears Racing Logo Laser Etched. 

          SP-250 Fuel Caps                                                                                                                                                     $89.95/Ea.      


Spears Racing Titanium Disc Rotor bolts: A must for any racer or those who simply wish to replace rusty originals! A replica of manufacturers original design but in superior quality material. Our Titanium 6AL-4V (grade 5) bolts are highly corrosion resistant, extremely light (40% weight saving!) and with rolled threads offers excellent strength and quality. (Set of (8) Two)  

          SP250-RotorBolts                                                                                                                                                 $90.00/Set       


Samco Sport Hose Kits: SamcoSport has been the world leader in Performance Silicone hose for over 10 years. Supplying Formula One, NASCAR, and World Super Bike teams and our range of replacement hose kits, race parts, and accessories is second to none. Samco Sport can offer you the best quality silicone hoses, for exceptional performance, and guaranteed reliability. Available in Blue or Green. (Custom Colors are available).*** Hose Clamp Kits $30.00***

                 SP38-250                                                                                                                                                      $135.95/Kit                                                                                                                                       ​​

EBC Series Kevlar friction plates and springs: This has been a proven performer. The Kevlar performs flawlessly under severe conditions and delivers smooth precise shifting. The kevlar friction material is bonded to 6061-T6 alloy CNC machined cores or tempered steel cores depending on the application. The plates are compatible with stock steel drive plates, springs, and all oils.

                 SP34-250                                                                                                                                                      $59.00/Kit                                                                                                                                       ​​

Woodcraft Two-Piece Split Clip-ons: Woodcraft's trademark two-piece body clamp makes for the easiest installation and removal of any clip-on on the market. Never again dis-assemble your front end. The universal replacement bars save as much as $100 per crash when many one piece OEM units require complete replacement (and subsequent front end disassembly). Extra time was taken on these pieces to make them super-light and add to their great looks.

                 SP32-250                                                                                                                                                      $170.99/Set                                                                                                                                        ​​

Superbike Front Brake Kit: Here is the Light weight special, which will fit all of the Kawasaki 250cc (2008 and newer). Kit includes EBC Full floating front brake rotor (MD4162XC), SP28-250 Superbike brake line kit, and a set of EBC EPFA-197 HH race brake pads. Please call do to MAP Pricing.

               SP250-Superbike Brake Kit                                                                                                                              $295.00/Kit                                                                                                                                           ​​

Captive Wheel Spacer Kit: For Kawasaki EX250's stock rims. These spacers kits are machined from 60/61 aluminum material and is anodized. This innovative design is machined according to Spears Racing specifications and is race proven. The kit weighs 182grams less than stock, and lessens your unsprung/rotating weight. Installation of this kit will require the removal of the stock seal (new seals Provided). Front wheel: $50.00 Rear Wheel $55.00 -  The kits can be purchased separately  or as one complete kit.

                                               Front Kit $75.00              Rear Kit $100.00                                                               Complete Kit $175.00


Carrillo "H" Beam Rods: Fatigue is the major cause of connecting rod failure. At Carrillo Industries, they use proprietary steel, manufactured and forged to our own custom specifications. After experimenting with virtually every other reasonable material, we have found this chromium, nickel, vanadium, molybdenum FORGED alloy to be the best product to meet our stringent requirements for strength and durability. Our connecting rods are fully machined to guarantee the removal of all surface imperfections in the forging. After heat treatment, each connecting rod is 100% magnaflux inspected and hardness checked, then machined to final size. Each set of rods is balanced, and then shot peened to achieve the ultimate in strength and fatigue properties.

               SP07-250                                                                                                                                                       $540.00/Set

Ceramic Wheel Brearings: The ceramic balls in these hybrid bearings are over 60% lighter than their steel counterparts resulting in faster acceleration and reduced inertial loads.Low Friction-Less Vibration the coefficient of friction for the ceramic balls is an average of 3x's lower than steel. When you combine this with the high tolerances for roundness you get a bearing that dramatically lowers vibration levels and produces more horsepower. (set is front and rear rims) the kits can be purchased separately  or as one complete kit

​                                                         Front Bearings$100.00                  Rear Bearings$150.00                 Complete Set $250.00

          SP-26-250 Ceramic