HM Dash – Kawasaki


​Product Description

HM Dash with 10hz GPS lap timer unit built in.

HMDASH uses a graphical LCD with a powerful blue backlight to provide all of the information in a tailored way. The list of features and functions is long, but a quick overview follows:

DISPLAY MODES: At the press of a button the display changes from a choice of:

Road Modes
Track Modes
Lap Timer Modes
Qualifying Modes

BUILT IN LAPTIMER: A very high specification lap timer is build-in, and the standard dash uses the main beam switch to trigger a new lap. You can record any number of sessions and laps within those sessions.

ECU COMMUNICATION: The DASH communicates with the ECU to track and log all ECU faults and not only is the fault code logged, but the explanation of the fault is provided in a choice of five different languages. This provides significantly more fault diagnostics than the standard dash. For example, even intermittent faults are logged and displayed.

SIMPLE CONFIGURATION: The DASH includes many configurable features such as RPM, Programmable Shift Lights and Advanced FUEL management system that gives you total litres in the tank as well as litres required to fill. Another feature is the gearing setup, where the front and/or rear sprocket sizes can be changed and the speed, ODO etc will automatically adjust correctly.

PORTABILITY: The DASH is the same for all applications, simply change the backplate to change between bikes and then a quick download from our website will update the HMDASH to the right software.

 Kawasaki Ninja EX300cc​


• The dash must use the original connector – no cutting, splicing or extra looms
• It must fit on the original mountings with no modification
• It must communicate with the ECU so that all fault codes are shown and logged
• It must provide functionality far and beyond the original dash
• It must be portable between different makes and models
• Above all, it must be simple to use