The reason why HM quickshifters are so highly regarded is that they use a strain gauge rather than a pressure sensor to detect when the gear is  being changed. Unlike a pressure sensor, a strain gauge has no moving parts so it won’t wear out and it won’t be affected by the vibrations of the  bike.

 Strain gauges measure the movement of molecules inside the shift rod. The signals are then processed using complex mathematics to determine how  long to cut the engine load. It therefore offers the quickest, most efficient gearshift available outside of Moto GP.

 The HM quickshifter is also kinder to your gearbox than most other models on the market. This is because the HM models cut the ignition rather  than the fuel in order to decrease the load on the gearbox. This avoids accidental damage caused by secondary injectors not being cut out by a fuel  supply based system.

 HM quickshifters connect directly into the standard wiring loom of your motorcycle. There are different models of HM quickshifter that each fit  different bikes. There are also different levels of quickshifter ranging from the base model up through the Plus and Plus SS to the Moto GP model.  This latter quickshifter is the best that is available outside of Moto GP. Even the base model is better than any competing quickshifter on the market.

 On account of the fact that HM quickshifters are very motorcycle specific, we have done the research for you and have listed the shifters for the specific make and model.

       Suzuki SV650                  All Years

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Kawasaki Ninja 250cc        2008/2012

Kawasaki Ninja 300cc        2013/2017

​ HM Quickshifters

       Yamaha R-3                 2015/2016