How It Works

 Track Records:         **Click the Orange**

​ Alex Taylor :OMRRA Ultra Lightweight Superbike 1:22800

 ​Jason "Hammer" Madama :HPR 400 Production Cup 2:04.384

 Jason "Hammer" Madama :PMR 400 Production Cup 1:45.240

 Jason "Hammer" Madama : HPRNC 400 Production  Cup 124.451

Intiminators are designed to be used in stock forks with Damper Rods, No Drilling needed.

 Yamaha R-3

Spears Racing's Intiminators Setting Records

  All Intiminators are $275.00 Plus Shipping

 Kawasaki Ex250/300

 Suzuki SV650

 What will the bike feel like after Intiminators are installed?

     Increased stability.
     Increased confidence going into corners.
     Reduced brake dive.
     Smoother transition over bumps.
     Faster braking.
     Confidence in knowing the bike will do what it’s supposed to do.
     Overall riding experience improved due to less worrying about inconsistent track conditions.
     More confidence in transitioning from side to side.
Why do I need Intiminators?

Does your bike ever feel like it is wallowing in the turns?
Does you bike feel like it is too soft on slow speed and then harsh on bumps?
Under hard braking does the bike wander or bottom out?
Do you avoid pot holes and tar snakes?
Does the front of your bike move excessively with only throttle inputs?
Do you feel like you have to manhandle your bike in the wind?
Have you ever felt like you were going to skip out of your line.
Does your bike feel unstable at high speeds?
Are you bottoming out excessively?
Do you cringe when you see the asphalt changing to cement?

Intiminator Installed