2013-Current: Stock Kawasaki Ex300 With performance exhaust system, Spears SP15-300 head gasket, and removed secondaries,415 Spears Racing Drive chain,sprockets.

2013-Current: Stock Kawasaki Ex300 with performance exhaust system compared to a built superbike engine:Spears SP01-300 drop in pistons,SP18-KHW camshafts,Slotted sprockets SP03-300,ported cylinder head,modified air box,performance air filter,Spears Racing Flashed ECU,Performance exhaust system. (Engine was assembled buy one of the Spears Dealers) 

 EX300 Dyno Sheets

2013-Current: Stock Kawasaki Ex300 with Leo Vince Exhaust Compared to Stock EX300 with Leo Vince Exhaust and a re-flashed ECU,Dyno's by Spears Racing, All on Pump Gas 89 octane.