Suzuki SV650 Ported Head

 Supersport Valve Job 

 Kawasaki EX Ported Head

  Suzuki SV650cc Superbike Winning Engine Build 

​Finding the Right Machine Shop for You

Not all machine shops are the same just as not all engine builds are the same.  When selecting a machine shop, the engine builder should consider the things that are most important.  If you are looking for a quick turn around time, a close machine shop that has less of a back log is probably a better selection or deserves more consideration in the selection process.  A machine shop that has less of a back log in work deserves a little more investigation.  Don’t automatically assume that a shop that is less busy than others in the local area does bad work.  The shop may be newer and has not built it’s reputation yet.  Most machine shops do very little advertising and rely on word of mouth advertising between racers to help their business.​

Kawasaki EX315cc Winning Engine Build 

 Before/After Ported Head