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​                                      Since Penske shocks are built to order please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

 Penske Racing Shocks

Penske Racing Shocks are also used by aftermarket powerhouses as a performance upgrade to go along with lowered ride heights, stiffer springs, and more horsepower. In many instances, a Penske Racing Shock is chosen because its external adjustments allow it to be a full race quality damper that will perform on track days but still retain a good ride quality for daily drives and highways. We supply many of the top aftermarket chassis specialists. A high quality suspension is no longer specific to racing, street enthusiasts are feeling the benefits of Penske Shock technology

Every Spears Racing Race Spec'd Penske 8983 shock is hand built in the USA to our specifications and includes a custom shock length, spring, and valving specifically designed for the customer taking into consideration the motorcycle, rider weight, and rider preferences.  Then every shock is dyno tested for accuracy.

The 8983 has a remote compression adjuster that gives the user 25 clicks of compression adjustably, as well as 25-40 clicks of rebound adjustability, depending on adjuster option. This allows you to fine tune your suspension for any variable. Large knobs are easily accessible by hand or using standard wrenches. This makes making adjustments on the fly quick and easy.

Based on the ever popular and highly successful 8100 series, the 8983 provides new dimensions of adjustability and versatility to the professional racer and the high-end aftermarket customer.  Its modular design allows the use of piggybacks where remote versions are not desirable or feasible.  The New compression adjuster features a new adjustable parabolic needle bleed bypass of a conventional shim stack and piston carried over from the top of the line 8700 series dampers. This results in 16 clicks of adjustment with enhanced linear steps between settings.

The new 8983 shock sets the standard in double-adjustable shock absorbers in terms of performance, quality, and value.  

 Kawasaki Ninja Ex250 / Ex300 

Suzuki Sv 650/SV650s

 Yamaha R-3

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