415 Lightweight Sprocket 17t,18,19t


Used by BSB and Canadian Junior Cup Championship Teams


Sprocket weights 4.6oz./130 Gms

SP04-Countershaft Sprocket.

If you race an R3 then you need to be on a 415 Lightweight Sprocket and chain  kit! Performance mods are vital on all small displacement motorcycle and any small performance mod starts to make Big Gains on the track!
Spears Racing’s 415 counter shaft sprocket is designed with the Racer in mind.This high strength, lightweight sprocket weighs only 5.1 oz.

Combined with lightweight DID chain or EK Chain and racing rear 415 rear sprocket you bike will jump off the corners meaning higher top end speed ultimately.

These 415 pitch chain kits are lighter and Narrower (don’t put a 520 on your race machine) You want less rotational weight! Over .5 HP gained on dyno.

Select front and rear sprocket sizes from the options chart. 415 Conversion Kit converts your stock 520 chain and sprockets to 415 Sizes. On average a weight savings of 2 LBS.

This sprocket is made from SCM-435 case hardened steel for extended life. Lightening holes for the lightest and strongest sprockets on the market.Custom machined steel counter shaft sprocket is a replacement sprocket  (sprocket weights 4.6oz./130 Gms. 18t)

Spears Racing Sprockets are on the winning BSB Junior Cup,Canadian Junior cup bike and many race teams around the world  champions bikes 

Weight .75 lbs
Choose Your Sprocket

17t, 18t, 19t

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