Yamaha R3 Andreani Misano Cartridge Kits 2019/2020


These 20mm diameter pistons with oil passages increase adjustability in compression and rebound damping.

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Andreani Cartridge Yamaha R3 Kit: Cartridge fork kit has been developed by Andreani Misano Group and equipped with a sophisticated hydraulic system which guarantees exceptional performance in cornering and braking.


The complete cartridge with hydraulic adjustment and spring preload for original fork (OEM), developed by the Andreani Group, is equipped with a sophisticated hydraulic system that ensures the adjustment in compression, extension and preload of the spring, with adjustments placed directly on the upper cap of the cartridge in order to guarantee easy access to the set-up.

A made in Italy cartridge

Andreani Group has developed the famous Misano cartridge, appreciated all over the world for its exceptional quality-price ratio. Inside it is formed by a 20mm piston which guarantees a better functioning of the hydraulics. Mounting this kit by Andreani, the improvement at the front end can be seen from the very first laps. Braking is more stable and modular and even the precision and stability in the corners are significantly improved.


Comfort and safety are the key words

Andreani offers the possibility to choose the springs for the Misano cartridge according to the rider’s weight and according to the use or the driving style, to have maximum personalization. This guarantees an excellent feeling with the front and the comfort appears decidedly superior.

Having a firm front and more stable at the entrance and during cornering, it also increases the driving safety and it is possible to have much more precise trajectories, making more use of the grip between the asphalt and the front tire, obtaining a safe, stable and fast motion .

Ohlins oil for fork cartridges is required for assembly


20mm diameter pistons with increased oil passages
Adjustable in compression, extension and spring preload
Improves stability, control and driving precision
Possibility to choose the calibration of the springs based on the weight and style of the rider
Settings and adjustments positioned on the upper cap of the cartridge


There are special tools that are needed to install a cartridge kit and since the Yamaha R3 has damper rod style forks, the forks must be modified slightly,and once they are completely disassemble there is machining that needs to be done to accommodate the Andreani cartridge kit.

This is not a kit that you want to “learn on”.  We HIGHLY recommend sending your forks to Spears Enterprises/Spears Racing.  The price for installation is reasonable and typically we turn them around is less than one business week.

Kit Includes:

2ea. CNC-machined cartridges

2ea. Designed custom springs for your weight

Install Instructions

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