Carrillo “H” Beam Rods Yamaha FZ-07/MT-07 2015/2020

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Every Connecting rod is a symphony of precision : material specialist,forging precision,production craftsman , design engineers and engine specialist each contribute know- how and artistry 

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Carrillo “H” Beam Rods: Fatigue is the major cause of connecting rod failure. At Carrillo Industries, they use proprietary steel,manufactured and forged to their own custom specifications.These connecting rods are fully machined to guarantee the removal of all surface  imperfections in the forging. After heat treatment, each connecting rod is 100% magnaflux inspected and hardness checked, then   machined to final size. Each set of rods is balanced and then shot peened to achieve the ultimate in strength and fatigue properties CP-Carrillo engineers continually refine our connecting rod designs to obtain that elusive goal –perfection in performance.

The  Carrillo “H” Beam Rods are  the strongest connecting rod money can buy. No stronger rod is available anywhere at any price. It features the unique H beam design that requires more machining operations than other designs. This design provides a rod that is not only the strongest, but is up to fifty grams lighter that the inferior OEM rods it is replacing. However, the crown jewels are the Carrillo exclusive SPS Multiphase rod bolts. These are the world’s strongest rod bolts!! Under normal operation and service, SPS Multiphase bolts should last indefinitely. They have been tested to over 100 torque cycles without any fatigue loss. The combination of the rod design and the Multiphase bolt is the reason that the PRO H BEAMS are the world’s best rods.
The SPORTSMAN A BEAM rod was designed for the budget hot rod street bike that needs a rod far stronger than stock, but not in the league of the H beam. The A beam design is easier to machine, therefore, lowering manufacturing cost. The bolts are SPS made from high tensile tool steel. If you stay within the bolt stretch parameters that Carrillo provides with these rods, these bolts should last up to twelve torque cycles.

When you buy a CP-Carrillo connecting rod we strive to put you in the winner’s circle; you get our commitment to quality and performance, before, during and after the sale!


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