Ceramic Transmission Bearings Yamaha R3 2015/2021


One of the advantages of ceramic balls is that they remove the problem of two identical materials
breaking each other down.




Spears Racing Ceramic transmission Bearings Yamaha R3 will allow you to be going faster with less energy is appealing to almost anyone and the latest innovation to make bikes go faster is ceramic wheel bearings. Since the speed of a motorcycle is most determined by the performance of its rotating parts, investing in ceramic wheel bearings by Spears Racing is a logical choice for the serious rider.

First, Ceramic Motorcycle Transmission Bearings are much lighter than their steel counterparts. As much as 50-75% lighter, the silicon nitride balls weight 60% less than equally-sized steel ball bearings, meaning there’s even less weight spinning inside the races. Secondly, and perhaps most impressively in our eyes, ceramics are incredibly strong. Another point in favor of ceramics is their resistant to heat. Steel balls tend to begin displaying integrity issues around 400 degree Celsius, while ceramics can easily operate at 2,000 degrees or more.

But the one attribute that Ceramic Motorcycle Transmission Bearings are most known for is their greatly reduced friction versus steel bearings made of any form of steel. How much better are they, you ask? About 1/10 of the overall friction. That means your wheels and other components can roll and roll all day.

Quicker acceleration  and higher MPH’s
Ceramic bearings offer 40% less friction than steel
Less friction = More horsepower
60% less rotating weight
Low tension, maintenance free dust seals
mineral oil + Synthetic hydrocarbon with and operation temp of  -40~+180 light weight aerospace grease
Bearing life 3 to 5 times longer than steel
Lower vibration levels
Cooler running
No extra maintenance required
2 year warranty

Ceramic Transmission Bearing Kit Contains:

1 ea Out Put shaft Bearing

1 ea In put Shaft Bearing

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