Clutch By Pass Plug Kawasaki Ninja Ex 400 2018/2019

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This plug will allow you to remove your current turn signal housing assembly left Handlebar Assembly. 

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SP400 Clutch By Pass Lock Out.

Kawasaki 400 Clutch Bypass 2018/2019 plug : This plug is designed to allow you to remove your current OEM control housing (left Handlebar) from the system and still allow you to start your motorcycle and shift thru the gears. This unit will plug into your Stock harness and let your bikes electronic system to still function properly . No more just twisting your wires together, This is a Simple Plug N Play install.

This is a necessity for the Track day rider to the professional racer

This unit is currently used by race team and riders all around the world.

Kawasaki 400 Clutch Bypass Unit is made in the USA

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