CMRA: Team FellonKnee Racing Wins 8-Hour CMRA Ultra Lightweight Race At NOLA Motorsports Park

Team FellonKnee/Spears Racing (52) won the 8-Hour CMRA Ultra Lightweight Endurance race March 23 at NOLA Motorsports Park.


Team FellonKnee Racing endured a long eight-hour ultra lightweight endurance race and brought home the top spot during the Central Motorcycle Roadracing Association’s (CMRA) first round of the Ultra Lightweight Endurance this past Saturday, March 23, on the 16-turn, 2.75-mile-long course at NOLA Motorsports Park, in Avondale, Louisiana.

With the sun shining and the weather perfect, the morning races came to an end and the endurance teams lined up their bikes and put the final touches together to start the eight-hour endurance event. Just minutes before 11:30 a.m. the red lights went out and the racers were off, each turning laps and working their way through the pack trying to find their rhythm. Each passing presented its own set of variables that would determine the outcome of the race. Every pit stop counted and each second that passed would affect the end results. When the checkered flag flew 30 minutes early due to the setting sun, the top two positions were just over one minute apart. Team FellonKnee Racing brought home the win by just 1:34.391 and an Average Speed: 78.092  over The Skidmarks. The third place team, Redline Racing, ran the fastest lap of the race on lap 38 with a 1:57.709 time.

From multi tire changes,clutch slipping issues,chain coming off and running out of gas,the team did an AMAZING job to power thru all of the potential NOT GOING TO FINISH problems to finish on the top of the coveted 8 HR ULW Endurance race.

Team Principle and rider Manny Poulis,Cory Burleson, Steven Shakespeare, Tyler Raboin, Enrique Hernandez

Spears Racing is proud to be part of this amazing team and to be able to use this race team/series to see test their products.


Photo by David Gillen/, courtesy of CMRA

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