DID 415ERZ 144 links Motorcycle Drive Chain


DID 415ERZ chain has a tensile strength of 4,540 lbs ( 1 lb. 15.7 oz./898.6g )

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DID 415ERZ Motorcycle Drive Chain 144 links

DID 415ERZ chain 144 is perfect for 415 conversion on 300cc class racesbikes like the Ninja 250/300/400 and the YZF-R3. This chain is a high performance chain designed for smaller race bikes. Not for street use. Great way to reduce rotating mass on your race bike.

High-performance, lightweight, low-friction chain designed to meet the performance needs of Moto3 racing. The DID 415ERZ chain is upgraded with exclusive Super Dai Hard pins put through a special patented heat-treatment process that makes them 1.5 times harder than conventional carbon heat treating.

Twice the wear resistance of original D.I.D. 415 ER chains, and the 4,540 lb. average tensile strength is a 15% increase

Specs for DID 415 ERZ Series Racing Chain – 415ERZ-144
* Features Gold outer plates and inner plate for a great look.
* Number of Links 144
* Average tensile strength is 4,540 fl/lbs. NONE “O”RING
* Includes one matching Clip or Rivet master link
* Weight 1 lb. 15.7 oz.

415 Chain Conversion kits



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