HM Plus SS Quickshifter


The HM Range is designed to simply be plug and play. Each HM Product is designed to be simple to install, so there is no need for costly fitment or dyno set up Time.

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The HM Quickshifter Plus SS is designed to simply be plug and play. Each HM Product is designed to be simple to install, so there is no need for costly fitment or dyno setup time. If you are confident in changing your spark plugs then you can fit a HM Plus SS.

HM Seamless Shift Technology (HMSS)

Typically a kill time is a rough parameter that must be significantly longer than the actual gear change time due to the vast range of different gear changing conditions.
Because gearboxes and riding conditions vary greatly, the HM Plus SS has an adjustable kill time so that it can be uniquely tuned for your gearbox.
In addition to this, for the HM Plus SS, we have additionally introduced the new revolutionary HMSS system. This system uses intensive and advanced mathematics to identify when the actual engagement dogs have re-engaged. This reduces the importance of a fixed kill time, because it not only ensures the
shortest possible kill times (for each gear), but also ensures the smoothest and safest gear change. This is because regardless of the conditions, load, RPM, and gearbox characteristics, it detects when the next gear is actually engaged and then reapplies power.
This is a massive step forwards in shifting technology and has made all other shifting products obsolete.
In short, HMSS is a revolution in changing gears — the culmination of thousands of hours of work by contracted specialists in their field.

HM Quickshifter Plus SS Features at a glance:

The HM Quickshifter PLUS SS is transportable, meaning it can be used on many different machines by using the correct wiring loom and shift rod length required. The HM Quickshifter PLUS SS can be reused over and over! Multiple bikes, changing bikes during the season or buying a new bike means you can most likely bring your HM Quickshifter PLUS SS with you to your different / new machine for very little added expense.
HM Quickshifter PLUS SS wiring looms are “plug in and go.” No need to splice or cut in any way and no complications with other ECU’s. Straight bolt on application and clean removal if the time or need ever comes.

• Plug and Play
• No moving parts
• Small LCD Display
• No tuning needed
• HM SS  Seamless Shift Technology
• Programmable Kill Time* and Sensitivity
• Programmable Shift Direction
• Full 1 Years warranty and HM Technical Support

Simple yet effective, perfect for your track days and race tracks.

HM Plus SS Product Spec

HM-Plus-SS-Install Guide

Your HM Plus SS Kit Contains the following items:

1 x HM Plus SS
1 x Loom for your chosen Motorcycle
2 x Right hand grub screws
2 x Right hand locking nuts
1 x Left hand grub screw
1 x left hand locking nut
1 x HM Plus SS Quick Start Guide
and Various sized HM Quickshifter stickers

Due to many motorcycles having aftermarket rear sets, we do not supply shift rods in the kit. If you require a Shift Rod for your install, follow this link to the Shift Rod item, this will show you how to measure and order your accessory.