• kawasaki 400 piston kit
  • kawasaki 400 piston kit

Drop in High Compression Kit Kawasaki Ninja EX400cc 2018/2019


Utilizing State of the Art CNC machines for manufacturing

Piston Info


Kawasaki 400 piston kit by Spears Racing has a new 2 Ring FSR Slipper Skirt forging Piston. This drop in high compression kit includes pistons, rings, lighter wrist pins, cir clips . The compression is 12.7 to 1. This design is lighter than OEM and comes with 1mm o/s valve pockets and deeper pockets to allow the Spears Racing Camshafts to fit with this new design.

At the forefront of performance, piston manufacturing has been a result of continuous research and development of unique materials, piston designs and technologies. Utilizing State of the Art CNC machines for manufacturing, along with purpose-designed forgings, while being able to maintain exacting specifications on each and every piston – holding tolerances to millionths of an inch.This Kawasaki 400 piston kit will add more torque and RWHP.

Weight 2.0 lbs

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