Kawasaki Ninja EX300 Racing Clutch Fiber/Steel/Spring Complete Kit 2013/2017

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American manufacturer for  quality this racing clutch kit has an 80% increased clutch tab thickness.

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The Kawasaki EX300 Ninja Racing Clutch Kit Fiber plates,Steel,Spring.  has been Through a lot research and development and ongoing racing efforts around the world, we are constantly striving to offer the best possible friction material for your Kawasaki Ninja EX300 motorcycle for the street, track-day or racing efforts . This kit is American manufacturer for quality, this racing clutch kit has an 80% increased clutch tab thickness.

This means the Kawasaki EX300 Racing Clutch Kit plates have maximum high performance durability (seen after years of using this in the Spears Racing built Kawasaki Ninja 300 race engines). The clutch plate cores are CNC machined from 6061-T aluminium, allowing the drive tab width to be increased for better wear and   minimal impact on clutch baskets.

DuPont Kevlar paper-lined set, complete with heavy-duty clutch springs and Steel Plates.
Friction plates are lined with an Aramid fiber-impregnated lining that grips better and lasts longer than standard cork based plates.
Ideal for heavy sportbikes, faster riders and production-based race use.
Longer life and higher heat resistance.
This clutch has a more aggressive / faster take up than the CK cork series.This kit is used at the national and the world level race engines.

These heavy duty clutch spring have an increase of pressure and allow less high RPM Slippage .

Kit contains :

5ea. Friction Plates

6 ea. Steel Plates

3 ea Heavy Duty Springs





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