• Lightest rear Brake rotor
  • Lightest rear Brake rotor

Lightened Rear Rotor Kawasaki EX300/400

$199.99 $170.00

Lightest rear brake rotor on the Market

SP27K-Lighten Rear Rotor.

Spears Racing Lightest rear Brake rotor : This rear brake rotor is made to Spears Racing specs and attention to detail and is truly the lightest rear brake rotor on the market only weighing in at  14.1096/400g  Most of the other rear brake rotors have been cut in the sweep area to lighten them,this will cause a lot of additional heat and allow the brake not to work correctly while you are relying on the brake to set up your corner entrance.

Laser cut from top quality stainless steel, heat treated and tempered. Used in FIM WSS300 , MotoAmerica Junior Cup   

                    **Lightest Rear Rotor with full swept area not machined** 

Weight 1.0 lbs


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