MotoAmerica Round # 6 Championship Weather Tech Raceway Laguna Seca Liqui Moly Junior Cup Series

MotoAmerica Round # 6 Championship Weather Tech Raceway Laguna Seca Liqui Moly Junior Cup Series

The weekend was upon us, we decided to make the 2.5 hour trek to WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca late Wednesday night this could save us a lot of time on Thursday morning,dealing with the Bay Area Commuters.This allowed us to get a few hours of sleep in the MotoAmerica stagging area before the move in on Thursday.This is always a crap shoot, but this year we are assisting a young racer from Georgia and we got to move in early.
The weekend was a typical Monterey weekend, fog in the morning (jackets were worn) and once the fog burned off…it was on track time!!

Spears Racing was there as a “Service Provider” this means that we are there for all of the competitors to assist in Spears products, and also to assist any of the riders with thoughts,questions and any type of support.

Several of the young guns were hanging out in the Spears Racing Pits, Trevor Standish(He was staying with us),Rocco Landers,Gauge Rees,Dominic Doyle,Rafael Revelo ,John Knowles and Cameron Jones it is always a great thing to see the camaraderie among this competitors off the track.
This is the type of race weekend that everyone looks forward to seeing and racing,all of the racers are running on the same track as the WSBK teams which was the premier class .

Spears Racing Sponsored riders Did an amazing job, the top finisher was Dominic Doyle 6th, (Dominic Doyle Racing)Jackson Blackmon 7th(team monkey Moto), Gauge Rees 8th,(Rickdiculous Racing/Spears Racing Engine),Hunter Dunham 10th, (Hunter Dunham Racing ),Rafael Revelo 14th, (Revelo Racing Team His first ever MotoAmerica race), Grayson Davidson 17th (Moto Cave/3 Lions Racing) and John Knowles 18th (Moonshot Motorsports ).

Congratulations to all of the Liqui Moly Junior Cup teams.

A few weeks off and we will be at Sonoma


Photos by Lspears60

Photos by BrianJnelson

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