MotoAmerica Twins Cup Race at Road Atlanta

Road Atlanta MotoAmerica Round 1 2019


The first MotoAmerica race of the year is in the record books, it was amazing for Team Spears Racing and Jeffrey Tigert. Most of the racers will get this, Racers are never happy with their results, and are always trying to make themselves better. Traveling over 3,000 miles to a track that you have not raced on in over 10 years and never on a Superbike SV650… I believe that The team had amazing results.

The set up of the pits was done on Thursday, Jeff and his family were all in, getting everything set up. Most of the time as a Fan or Spectator it is  simple if you are just walking through, but the unknown is that the effort and the time it takes to set up is very seldom understood this is the dedication that a Team brings to the event.

Friday was the first time for Jeffrey to get see the track, not only seeing it but it was wet and raining. Jeffrey was able to come out of the first qualifying in the 14th position with a wet time of 1:50.709. After some phone time Jeffrey was confident with the drier weather and the dry track and a good night’s sleep he would be able to put his head down and get to a better place.

Saturday was just as Jeffrey wanted, Dry clear track and after a few laps he was able to get into rhythm  and cut a fast time of  1:38.341 and wind up being 4th fastest and was able to start the race on the second row.

The First race of the Weekend was a full grid of different built bikes, Yamaha FZ07’s, SV650’s from 2003 to 2019 and the lone Ducati. There was a total of 13 rows and 37 riders.

The start: red lights are on, as they go out Jeffrey did not get the best of starts, the energy of the first race and the power of the Spears Racing SV650 Superbike saw Jeffrey loft the front wheel and was able to funnel into turn one in 7th or 8th place… The race was a true battle, Jeffrey was able to put his head down and got into a consistent rhythm and on lap 8 we saw the fastest lap of Jeffrey’s race a 1:37.179 and he was able to finish 4th overall… WOW What an amazing Race…..

Sunday race Two:

From the second row Jeffrey had an AMAZING start and was able to get into turn 1 in second place , he was able to stay calm and was staying with the Leader Michael Barns on that lone Ducati… heading down the hill into turn ten, Jeffrey ran it in to deep and was able to stay on track and get back into the race in 10th place… Jeffrey was able to regroup and was able to pick off a couple of riders to finish the race in a respectful 8th place.

We here at Spears Enterprises/Spears Racing could not be happier and Proud of the weekend that Jeffrey had, he is a true competitor and a true champion…


Below is a few words that Jeffrey had posted on his FB page…..


Didn’t have the weekend we had hoped with MotoAmerica riding MotoAmerica Twins Cup, but I can say I am grateful the bike and I are coming home in one piece. Going to regroup and figure out our next plan in the coming days, need to focus on getting my body down to race weight. I truly enjoyed getting a few days of riding my motorbike at an awesome track, but rain all day Friday certainly put us on the back step with these incredibly fast east coasters.

Can’t thank my Mom and Dad enough for trucking across the country for me, racing is a family affair and I wouldn’t have it any other way. My wife Christina Gutierrez Tigert as always holding down the Tigert fort while I am away, love you and thank you so much, can’t wait to be home with you and the kids.

Got to give a huge thank you to the people helping me out this year even possible. Especially Gregg Spears & Lisa Spears of Spears Racing have been a tremendous help in this journey, I can’t thank you enough.

Big shout out to GP Suspension and Michael S. Castro for giving me the best suspension you could ask for. Tige Daane, thanks my friend for the pit help and advice. Rear wheel off the ground action in turn 12, love it (see pic).

Of course all my sponsors: M4 ExhaustDrive Systems USA Inc.EBC BrakesGPR StabilizerTrackXperience, Inc.MotoCalifornia (thanks for the help George BeaversGoodridge LTDThe Red Car Brewery and RestaurantBolt It On.

Photo cred: Chris Speights, Motoamerica live+ (stole your screen shot but people please sign up and support us!)

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