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SATO RACING ‘Race Concept’-edition Rear Sets are pure, no-compromise racing rear sets designed for track-only bikes.

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SP Sato Rear Sets.

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Sato Race Concept Rear Sets (Design v.1) for YZF-R3 15-18

Sato Racing Rearsets are Japan’s most luxurious answer to your motorcycle foot control needs. Race inspired and race tested, Sato Rearsets give you the adjustability and reliability you crave while providing stunning good looks.

SATO RACING ‘Race Concept’-edition Rear Sets are pure, no-compromise racing rear sets designed for track-only bikes.

Our ‘Race Concept’ Rear Sets for 2015 and up Yamaha YZF-R3 and YZF-R25 are made from high strength anodized billet aluminum in your choice of all Black with Gold accents, or Gold with Black base plates. The modular base plate design lets you select from 7 adjustable positions that place your feet up to 85mm higher and 70mm further back compared to stock, for a less upright, more ‘tucked in’ body position that can also help to maximize lean angle during cornering. You can set up these Rear Sets for stock shifting pattern, or switch them to reverse (GP-style) shift pattern.

NOTE: Not recommended for street use. Not compatible with stock brake light switch sensor. For the standard (non-ABS) model only.

* The shift and brake pedals utilize double stainless bearings for smooth, precise pedal movement. Gold-anodized aluminum Pedal Tips with fluted rubber grips are standard with these Rear Sets.
* Knurled footpegs provide excellent grip even in wet conditions.
* Modular design allows repositioning of the entire Rear Set assembly by moving the 2 bolts on the base plate. The shift pedal has multiple adjustment points for fine-tuning the shifter feel.
* To change to reverse (GP) shift pattern, rotate the change arm 180 degrees.

1. 50mm Back, 60mm Up
2. 60mm Back, 60mm Up
3. 50mm Back, 72.5mm Up
4. 60mm Back, 72.5mm Up
5. 70mm Back, 72.5mm Up
6. 60mm Back, 85mm Up
7. 70mm Back, 85mm Up

Note: all measurements are in relation to stock position (0 mm).

Aluminum anodizing is an electrochemical process that increases the thickness of a passive, naturally occurring, protective aluminum oxide film. Without this process, regular aluminum will corrode and become weak. Anodizing provides protection from these effects. One known drawback of anodized GOLD is its tendency to fade with prolonged exposure to UV rays. Since this does not affect the primary purpose of anodizing – corrosion protection – Color fading is not covered by the Sato Racing warranty.

Customers should also be aware that most GOLD Sato parts are anodized in a unique tone that we call ‘Osaka Gold’ (deep and vivid, with hints of orange/ copper) that likely won’t be an exact match with other anodized gold parts you may already have on your bike, especially from other manufacturers. Sato Racing will not accept a warranty return on a GOLD part that the buyer decides to return solely because they are unsatisfied with the shade of gold. New GOLD items that have not yet been installed can be returned but there will be a 20% restocking fee. So if you decide to go for the GOLD, it should be with the full understanding of these limitations of gold anodizing.

  • Product ID: 1090831
  • Manufacturer: Sato Racing
  • Fits
    • –  Yamaha YZF-R3 2015
    • –  Yamaha YZF-R3 2016
    • –  Yamaha YZF-R3 2017
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