Vesrah 289 RJL ZZ Front Brake Pads Yamaha R3 2015/2019

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RJL high performance racing brake pads give you powerful braking at the track. Price is for one card.  Enough pads to service one caliper.

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Vesrah 289 RJL ZZ Front Pads: Vesrah has gained extensive experience and technical knowledge for brake manufacturing since 1950. Their sintered metal pads are longer lasting and produce increased braking performance with one touch finger control.

The Vesrah 289 RJL ZZ Pad Compound is the newest evolution of the Vesrah Braking Compound. The ZZ Compound outperforms the XX Brake pad compound across all temperature ranges. The RJL-ZZ Brake Pad compound is perfect for the Racer and Aggressive street/ track rider alike looking for more performance across all temperature ranges from their brakes.


-A harder backing plate than OEM brake pads for more even pressure across the pad.
-Works at a lower pad temperature, perfect for lightweight motorcycles on flowing tracks.
-Pad compound is resistant to fade related to heat buildup.
-No Bedding in of the pad is required before usage

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