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Yamaha R3 Steering Damper Mount Kit 2015/2018

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Spears Racing’s designed Steering Damper Mount Kit for the 2015/2018 Yamaha R3 The unit is “high precision machining”

SP320 Steering Damper Mount Kit 2015/2018.

Spears Racing has been on the cutting edge of making new products for the little commuter style bikes for decades, most of these products come from the motorcycle being used for something other than what it was intended to be use for…RACING!! this is why we have brought the billet Yamaha R3 Steering Damper Mount kit.

Spears Racing’s designed Steering Damper Mount Kit is for the 2015/2018 Yamaha R3.  The unit is “high precision machining” typically refers to machining parts with tolerances in the single-digit micron range. Machining parts with very tight tolerances are always a challenge, however the complexity of a job is determined not only by required tolerances, but also by the materials used and the number of features on the part.

CNC machines from 6061 t-6 Aircraft grade Aluminum and has rounded corners for a more of an appealing appearance. After the machining is finished the product is anodized and also come with all of  the correct fasteners and these fasteners are made from Stainless Steel to prevent any chance of corrosion.

When installing the mount kit on your “OEM Fairing Stay” you will need to cut the two nuts that are welded onto the stay, this will allow the use of the Spears Racing Threaded mount/bracket.

Pictures taken are with the Spears Racing Fairing stay

This damper mount does not requires the removal of the key switch. This damper mount is designed to be used with Spears Racing’s Universal 70 mm steering damper (sold separately).

Kit Includes:

1ea Fork Bracket

1ea. Damper Mount to Stay Bracket

2ea. Stainless Steel  Button Head Screws

1ea. Stainless Steel Fork Clamp Bolt


Weight .75 lbs


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