Yamaha YZF-R3 Superbike Build 2015/2017

Superbike Yamaha YZF R-3 This is an engine that was Built by Spears Racing 

Superbike Yamaha YZF R-3: This is an engine that was Built by Spears Racing and shipped to Guatemala to our dealer to install and dyno. Great results, engine has the following Components, SP01-320 Pistons, SP17-320 camshafts, Ported cylinder head, SP02-320 MWR air filter, colder NGK spark plugs, M-4 exhaust, Spears Racing Bored Throttle Bodies.The fuel was a 108 octane race fuel.Lots of dyno time. This is also the engine the has set a new lap record.Congrats to Mike and his rider.


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