​As its name suggests, the purpose of a quickshifter is to allow a motorcycle rider to change gears more quickly. This is something that will shave off essential seconds for race teams and allow effortless, enjoyably smooth acceleration for everyone else. Effectively, they allow riders to keep on the accelerator throughout gear changes and thereby to accelerate more quickly out of corners and along straights.

Quickshifters work by reducing the load on the gearbox for just enough time to allow the gear to change. This is exactly the same as rolling off the throttle, but the quickshifter will always be quicker than a rider could achieve manually. There are a variety of different quickshifters available on the market

When travelling at full throttle down the straights, in order to change up a gear, many riders will roll off the throttle, pull in the clutch, click up a gear, release the clutch and then roll the throttle back on again.It is all completed very quickly, but it does take a bit of time and effort.You may have even adopted the clutchless upshift method, which does away with any use of the clutch altogether.All that’s needed is a momentary roll-off to be able to sneak in a higher gear.

However, there is still some operations to be completed with the hands, and there’s also the chance of getting things wrong if your timing is off.

With a quickshifter, there is no need to touch either the clutch or throttle. All that’s needed while you are rocketing down the straight is a simple click up with the foot (or down if you run race-shift pattern) and the quickshifter will handle everything else for you.




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​What is a quickshifter, and why do you need one?