Master Cylinder Covers

 Men's short sleeve "T" shirts,100% cotton and  are pre-shrunk.When ordering please list the  size your needing


  $43.19  Sold in Pairs

 Klucky Pucks are the choice of Spears Racing Riders. The pucks are made of a proprietary plastic that is extremely durable yet still provides the feel racers are looking for. The pucks are set on a thick leather backing and utilize super-strong double loop Velcro that ensures that they will never get pulled off while riding. your paragraph here.


Custom Koozies made from Scuba Rubber, These are the extremely popular Collapsible insulators.  They are light weight, foldable and very convenient with your Favorite Logo's. The "Short"  Koozies are for cans,Tall ones are for the bottles Short  Koozies are $3.25 Tall ones are $4.00 Plus Shipping. 

          Hats are $15.00

  Embroidered baseball caps,One size  fits all

Shirts are $12.00 Add $3.00 for XXL