Penske Racing Shocks are also used by aftermarket powerhouses as a performance upgrade to go along with lowered ride heights, stiffer springs, and more horsepower. In many instances, a Penske Racing Shock is chosen because its external adjustments allow it to be a full race quality damper that will perform on track days but still retain a good ride quality for daily drives and highways. We supply many of the top aftermarket chassis specialists. A high quality suspension is no longer specific to racing, street enthusiasts are feeling the benefits of Penske Shock technology

 This page is designed to allow you, the end user the ease of finding Suspension components for your particular need,if you are  just looking at upgrading to find a better feel for the street or to find the best in products for your track day/racing efforts.Just  remember that all of these products are AMAZING and will enhance your riding experiences.  Click on your Product and you will  see the page "Easy in...Hard Out"

We live in the racing world, which requires Spears Enterprises/Spears Racing to be on the forefront of technological advancements and offer the best to customers before competitors can get their designs off the drawing board with building Motorcycle shock, JRI and Spears Racing have combined to have Purpose built racing shock for all of the lightweight motorcycles.

The NIX 22 Cartridge Kit is based on experienced learned through decades of testing and racing in high tier championships. The kit delivers loads of performance with stable damping characteristics while ensuring great comfort, contributing to rider confidence. The NIX 22 is developed to increase performance for light weight sport bikes and street bikes, the cartridge kit gives the bike stable damping characteristics while ensuring great comfort which contributes to rider confidence.

 Suspension Products

RICOR’s products are the world’s only patented inertia-activated front forks available in the market that detect if the wheel is trying to move or if the chassis is trying to move, resulting in a more stable chassis and a faster wheel response over bumps - and the best handling suspension available. These particular Intiminators are only available from Spears Racing. To learn more about our Inertia Active Suspension Technology look into our page.

The Öhlins STX 46 shock absorber comes in a wide range of styles and for many different bikes in the smaller Hyper Sport segment, such as the Yamaha R3, Ninja 250/300cc

This shock absorber features the Öhlins well-known Monotube design with its builds quality. With fully adjustable compression and rebound damping it has a great range of adjustments possible. And if you would like to have it, you can fit the shock absorber with an optional hydraulic spring preloader

Andreani hydraulic cartridge fork kits with fully adjustable Compression and Rebound  are originated and developed by dall'Andreani group.They are equipped with a  sophisticated hydraulic system which guarantees exceptional performance in all facets of motorcycle racing, from high speed cornering to transition of weight and stability under braking. The 20mm diameter pistons with custom oil Andreani hydraulic cartridge fork kits with fully adjustable Compression and Rebound are originated and developed by dall'Andreani group.