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  SP03-650Cam Sprockets.pdf

  SP320-Engine Case Cover Install

  SP320-Chain Adjuster/Swingarm Spool Kit



  SP07_SP08 Carrillo Rod Bolt Stretch.pdf

  SP13-650 Star Shifter Install.pdf

​  SP19-650 Throttle Install .pdf

​  SP19-320 Switch Install.pdf

  SP23-650 Cam Chain Tensioners.pdf

  SP24-650mm Stud kit Install.pdf

  SP28-250 Superbike Brake Line Kit

 SP28-320 Superbike Brake Line Kit

  SP28-320 Superbike Brake Line Install

  SP28-650 Superbike Brake Line Kit 

  SP-Shift Shorten Shift Arm.pdf

  KOSO Gauge Instructions.pdf  


  Spears/CP Performance Piston Options.pdf





   Dealer Application:

  Spears Dealer_Distributor.pdf

***Steps to fill out dealer application form***
   Step 1: Click link “Spears Dealer distributor.pdf”
   Step 2: At the top right-hand corner click                         “download” (arrow pointing down)
    Step 3: Click Save

    Step 4: Click “always open in Adobe Reader”
    Step 5: Then click “Open”
    Step 6: Fill out document then submit to

                email :