Yamaha R3 High Lift Roadracing Camshafts


Spears Racing camshafts give the racer improved mid-range and top end Horsepower, without sacrificing low end ride-ability

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Yamaha R3 Racing Camshafts are High Lift and Hard Weld: Spears Racing camshafts are developed through countless hours in the dyno room, racetrack, and CNC cam grinding machine.

Spears racing camshafts are built on only New Yamaha OEM camshafts, these are purchased, welded up and reground with the reliability and precision you come to expect. Spears Racing camshafts will give the racer improved midrange and top end Horsepower with amazing throttle response, without sacrificing low end ride-ability.

Several racers and teams around the world have been winning races on these purpose built spec racing camshafts.These camshafts are designed to use the OEM valve train components .

These cams can be dropped in, but with the adjustable Spears Cam sprockets you will be able to degree them in to obtain the most power

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